Lumineers is the finest plate of ceramics

These plates create the effect of smooth, healthy, white teeth, and hide the shortcomings of dental enamel, unsightly fillings, cracked and chipped. At its core, Lumineers, veneers are the same, only much thinner and when they are installed is not required grind their teeth, at least, so says advertising. In some cases, doctors still have little work, LUMINEERS are not otherwise on the tooth will fall smoothly and securely.          The thickness of Lumineers to 0,4 mm, unlike veneers, which thickness from 0,5 to 0,7 mm. At this thickness the strength of the ceramic lining is quite high. Abrasion do not need it due to the small thickness of the ceramic plates.

Compared with veneers, Lumineers are brighter and more white

. The service life of Lumineers is about 20 years.

Installing Lumineers do not require the expenditure of large amounts of time. You will only need two or three times to visit the dentist. The installation procedure takes place in three stages.

Step One. Doctor examines for the presence of cavities and other signs of unhealthy teeth. If not detected, it proceeds to clean and polish teeth, then removes the cast, following the example of which will be manufactured Lumineers. Cast is sent to the dental laboratory, where the actual design and ceramic plates.

Second Stage. At the doctor you're ready to try on Lumineers, if necessary, the doctor adjust the plate. Be extremely careful. If something is wrong, for example, you do not like color, shape, or you experience discomfort, be sure to tell the doctor, do not expect that eventually you get used to it, because after installing and fixing the Lumineers will make a correction impossible.

Step Three. At this stage, the proper installation of Lumineers. The doctor re-cleans, causing them a special composition, providing a more durable clutch plate with the teeth. Next Lumineers fixed on the surface with dental glue. This adhesive is resistant to acids formed in the oral cavity.

Restoration in this way runs completely painless and requires no anesthesia. You can install Lumineers, if you are concerned about the following issues:

- You have a tapered or chipped off the edge of the tooth, there are cracks;

- Old fillings look unaesthetic;

- Between the front fang there is a significant gap;

- The color  firmly changed as a result of dental fluorosis, or tetracycline admission;

- The size of the front teeth is great enough, and the lateral , compared with them, are too small;

- A number of different dental irregularities.

In all these cases, you will help the restoration with Lumineers.

Why you do not want to put lumineers ?

However, not always a doctor undertakes to restore teeth. There are several reasons for which you do not put the Lumineers, or you'll have to postpone the procedure at any time. You refuse to install Lumineers in the following cases:

- Enamel odd fine;

- Affected by tooth decay, or have other dental disease;

- You have unhealthy gums;

- The remainder of the tooth rather small.

Lumineers is for yourself satisfaction

Do not worry about it, to treat your mouth by a dentist, therapist, and boldly go to install Lumineers.