Lumineers makes smile like stars

Thanks to the subtleties of the plates, LUMINEERS are not under the stitch, so installing technology is ideal for those people who are especially kind to the teeth.

Create your LUMINEERS to happen as follows.

    During his first visit to the doctor-aesthetists, casts are removed from the teeth and sent to a laboratory in America. The second time you come to your doctor to have a fitting for your Lumineers. Look at the results and discuss the details. The third time is the installation .
    Between the first and third visits were 1 month. All this time you spend in pleasant anticipation of your beautiful transformation. It is worth noting that not everyone knows that real Lumineers made it in America and nowhere else, using a patented technology of the patented ceramic Serinate. Only certified physicians have the right to install it The names of doctors you can see on the official website of the manufacturer. Installing not technically simple procedure, so not all doctors who are trained to install Lumineers, learned to make beautiful smiles. Despite the seeming simplicity of installation Lumineers, make a beautiful smile may be just one doctor, which makes it all the time, not once every 2 years. This differs from the others of our doctors.

Lumineers - american technology

  • Carious 
  • Various forms of periodontitis (need to identify the cause and treat gum)
  • Strongly curved  (we recommend treatment by a physician, orthodontist)
  • Bruxism (night grinding of teeth, we recommend prophylactic CVR)
  • If you are in the central upper teeth are already on the crown (on request and on the testimony of our doctor will put you to the Hollywood crown)
  • In some cases, may be carried out so-called anatomical contouring of teeth (not turning) to better fit your Lumineers. Going to the consultation on the installation of Lumineers, you must be prepared for it.

Lumineers - the perfect solution

It is created for those people who are kind to their health and appearance. Placing it , be prepared for increased interest from the opposite sex, because there is nothing that attracts attention, as the natural beauty with Lumineers.