Lumineers - it's fast, easy and painless

   You have a very long dream to change my smile, but do not know how to do it without Lumineers ? Are you afraid of pain, discomfort, injections and drilling, the thought of where you shiver ...

With Lumineers you absolutely nothing to worry about

   These thin plates of high strength porcelain can easily be placed , and it does not need to drill or grind their delicate fabric. You will not be stabbing pain and is not forced to wear a temporary crown.
  1. No pain
  2. Without injections
  3. No drilling of sensitive tooth structure
  4. Need only 2 visits to the dentist
  5. Snow-white smile for a long time
   Previously, on my front teeth were spots, and I'm very worried about this. I was embarrassed to smile and avoided the moments when you need to show your smile. Today I feel comfortable in any situation, because I know that now no one can resist my smile!

LUMINEERS took people back to life

   All my life I was afraid of hiking to the dentist and he believed that the fix to my problem will take a lot of time and much will make me nervous. As I was overjoyed when I learned about LUMINEERS! No pain, painful injections and drilling LUMINEERS cleverly hidden all the gaps between my teeth and it took only two visits to the dentist!