Placing Lumineers is reversible procedure

lumineers after before
    In those cases where Lumineers ® porcelain veneers have been placed using a "no drilling" technique (meaning no tooth reduction has been performed) the process is a reversible one. Lumineers ® veneers can be removed and the teeth they had been cemented to restored to their original form. You must realize however that bond between the tooth enamel and a Lumineers ® veneer is very strong. In order to remove a veneer your dentist will need to grind it off using a dental drill. Depending on the specific circumstances, a dental patient might appreciate or even require dental anesthetic when this grinding process is performed.

Lumineers are placed with no pain

    The general concept that placing "no drilling" Lumineers ® veneers is a reversible procedure might be comforting but we would anticipate that anyone going to the trouble and expense (probably many thousands of dollars) of having a set of Lumineers ® veneers placed would only be doing so because they truly sought a change, as opposed to just experimenting with cosmetic options. We would think that anyone who had a set of Lumineers ® veneers removed would only do so related to some sort of failure (cosmetic or functional) associated with the results of their case (as opposed to wanting to return to their previous cosmetic appearance) and they would then most likely proceed with some other approach (traditional porcelain veneers or dental crowns) so to provide the results they were seeking in the first place with Lumineers.