LUMINEERS (laser veneers)

lumineers teeth
  Lumineers probably everyone at the word "smile" appear the same association: "snow white", "pearl", "brilliant". And now try to honestly admit to yourself whether your smile these descriptions. Unfortunately, these annoying effects such as dark-colored enamel, from which you can not get rid of even with bleach, chips, too large interdental spaces (three and diastema) frayed edges , their uneven line can deliver considerable "aesthetic" discomfort up to the complexes.

Lumineers smile like a brilliant

But all of this - a reason not to get upset and ask for help from specialists at our clinic: Today, modern technology, materials and equipment can create a flawless smile with lumineers even in the most difficult cases.

One of the major developments in the field of aesthetic medicine are Lumineers

This ultra-thin wafers from a unique high-tech material, the secret which - in a special crystalline structure that provides superior strength and durability. To do this, they just stick on the front surface. Strength and durability, along with a unique adhesive, ensure longevity of such restorations. Lumineers are not split, do not crumble and peel, their service life measured in decades and far beyond the lifetimes of other methods of aesthetic restoration.

Lumineers allow to recreate the perfect "front" teeth

In addition to strength, the material that is used for this, has another important property - the biocompatibility, it does not cause irritation and inflammation of the gums, and the method of attaching lumineers veneers do not cause pressure and damage to soft tissues..