Lumineers is a terrific cosmetic solution


With lumineers help perhaps even restoring crowns and bridges

 Porcelain veneers lumineers, whose thickness is comparable with the thickness of the contact lens.

Lumineers install on the front surface

 Without resorting to the procedure of stitching the teeth - one of the important differences from conventional veneers. In just two visits provide you with an excellent, beautiful smile, at your request.

Lumineers made of ceramics

They will allow you to install it without the preliminary stage of preparation of teeth. The procedure for making Lumineers simple. Without prior preparation (peeling) , the dentist takes impressions. To remove casts cast plaster models. On plaster models (a copy of the patient's teeth) technique produces ceramic veneers. After all is done, the dentist fixes them on the front surface. The entire procedure is simple and the cost is justified. The lumineers choice is yours!