Lumineers - you are worthy perfect smile

lumineers veneers
  Lumineers - modern and fast solution . Unevenness, chips and discoloration on teeth can cause your bad moods and lack of willingness to smile. This is one of the most sensitive and reliable methods for dental restoration.  Lumineers is a porcelain plate thickness of 0,3 mm, which are attached to the tooth with a special composition. They carried out individually for each tooth. A unique high-strength porcelain, are made of, looks very natural, the variety of hues and varying degrees of transparency allows you to choose Lumineers so that your smile does not look unnatural.
   Lumineers do not require pre-peeling the teeth, which usually precedes the prosthesis or glueing the classic thick veneers, so if you want you can remove them by resorting to the help of a dentist.Installing Lumineers done without the appearance of discomfort and pain. A few days later you are fully accustomed to a new smile and be able to smile without feeling embarrassment.

Lumineers - a pledge perfect smile

    Lumineers won wide recognition among the Hollywood stars for whom have perfect smile is essential. This method of tooth restoration, recently became popular in Russia, the U.S. and Europe has been used for over 30 years. Using Lumineers can mask erosion and darkening of the enamel, to hide dark spots. If a tooth has a yellow or gray color of nature, Lumineers allow you to easily fix this little flaw. But if you can lighten the enamel and in other ways, here is chipped and Shcherbinka hide not so easy. Lumineers can find a beautiful smile, even after the removal of crowns. Lumineers setting, you will forget about this problem, as differences in tooth size and height, they will be perfectly smooth and beautiful.
    Lumineers by its thickness at first glance seem very fragile. In fact, the finest porcelain petals have high strength, resistance to mechanical stress and strong acids and alkalis. They do not change color even under strong natural dyes - coffee, tea, red wine, etc.  Lumineers are not only harmless to the teeth, they can keep them healthy. Biocompatibility porcelain protects the gums from inflammation and damage. Tight contact with the teeth to prevent penetration of bacteria and microorganisms, so that teeth are not subjected to decay. High fluorine content in the cement, which are attached provides fluoridation of enamel.Care is not difficult, subject to certain simple rules, Lumineers will serve you for over 20 years.

Care Lumineers

If you want as long as possible to preserve the original Lumineers excellent form, you must follow some simple rules for care. Need to conduct regular oral hygiene that includes brushing, rinsing the mouth after meals, flossing. Periodically prophylactically to visit the dentist. Despite the high strength porcelain, Lumineers after installing is not recommended to chew nuts and seeds. This will help to quickly get rid of bad habits: fear of damaging the Lumineers, you probably unlearn biting his nails, caps and pens, etc.

Contraindications of Lumineers

Lumineers have virtually no contraindications to the installation. The exception is loose teeth or severely thinned enamel. Not recommended to install Lumineers and pathologically rapid abrasion of teeth, or severe changes in occlusion.