Lumineers - beaming smile for decades

Lumineers it is a modern way to make you smile irresistible for many years! Hollywood stars are using this technique is already more than 30 years. So the secret of the "Hollywood smile" lies in the fact that the actors' teeth are set so-called "Hollywood Lumineers. Today this technology is firmly established in the everyday life of Russian dentists. With their help, you can hide a variety of flaws (chipped, dark-colored enamel Scherbinka mask erosion) and become the owner of a truly gorgeous smile.

What is Lumineers and how they are laid ?

Lumineers - a porcelain plate thickness of 0,3 mm. They are fixed on the surface of the tooth with a special composition. Produced these "petals" of high-china. Due to the wide range of colors and transparency we will pick the best option, in which your smile will shine white and still look natural. For each tooth veneers are made individually. Lumineers, unlike the installation of veneers on the teeth (the technology that precedes Lumineers), does not require turning of the tooth - it allows you to save his health.

Lumineers - it is also a good solution for smokers

Also, another huge advantage installing Lumineers is that it is completely painless procedure. Of course, the cost of Lumineers is slightly higher than veneers, but worth it: these high-tech porcelain "petals" mass of advantages.

Lumineers is one of the most reliable and time sensitive way to the reconstruction of the tooth

  • First, despite its apparent fragility, Lumineers are highly resistant to mechanical stress, alkalis and acids entering the mouth with food.
  • Secondly, the tooth remains healthy. Porcelain coating protects against various injuries and inflammations. Thanks to the strength of connections with Lumineers teeth prevents tooth decay, penetration of bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Thirdly, after installing the teeth Lumineers effect lasts up to 20 years.

 Of course, teeth whitening can help, but this procedure will have to do regularly. With Lumineers your teeth darken and color from red wine, tea or coffee.