Lumineers vs other veneers

    Lumineers production company CERINATE ® - ceramic veneers with which painlessly your teeth will become permanently white and perfectly smooth. The dentist, working with LUMINEERS, can put these contact lens-thin veneers, which give the necessary teeth form, without treatment of dental hard tissues, causing everyone to smile looks natural and beautiful.
   Contact lens-thin Lumineers with a set of existing teeth, without mechanical processing of fabrics. Lumineers - Painless permanent solution to aesthetic problems for people with defects such as blemishes, cleaved edge, discoloration and uneven shape.

Lumineers can be made only from patented ceramic material Cerinate

2-3 visits to the dentist in charge of Lumineers, you will have individually chosen a smile that is clinically confirmed, will remain at 20 years. And, at any time, you can still go back option, as the natural tooth structure remains intact! So make a smile beautiful now!
    However, we must not forget that Hollywood smile - not only those teeth that are set Lumineers. Basically, the real snow white and beautiful smile, which is called the world's Hollywood smile, is created by the technology of ceramic veneers. It is such veneers, and can rightly be called derivatives Hollywood smile, and consequently Hollywood veneers. It must be noted that as a result of the relatively high cost of producing such veneers and there is a need appears less expensive manufacturing techniques unique data Hollywood veneers. At the same time. how to avoid high prices in the manufacture of veneers? The increase in prices for the production of Hollywood all-ceramic veneers of mass due to the necessity of a highly tissue preparation of coronal tooth structure, an individual approach to the formation of the ceramic surface of the veneer, and of course because of the cost of the all-ceramic mass. With such an approach can maximize the aesthetic, functional and, most importantly, an individual approach to the creation of the desired type of smile. This is what distinguished the real so-called Hollywood's all-ceramic veneers from the masses.

Lumineers veeners very important technology

    Notwithstanding, the above information, should take place technology that enables the lowest financial costs help create a beautiful ulybki.Vot here and there the importance of technology of Lumineers. With this technology eliminates the high-tech work of the doctor and technician dissection of the tooth and veneer manufacturing of all-ceramic mass. At the same time, it is possible that the fixation Lumineers on the tooth surface and allow individual patients to satisfy his desire to create a beautiful smile.

Lumineers give us possibility to smile

 Every patient has the right to choose. Although the price for Lumineers in some cases below, but rather higher than the price of all-ceramic veneers to the masses. One reason for this is that the "real" Lumineers are made in the USA, shipping and customs fees must enter a price for these products. And of course, in order to implement competitive technology requires a powerful stream of advertising. Therefore, as they say in some cases, read between the lines.
   Thus, the choice of technology of Hollywood veneers lies on the patient, so in order for you to have maximum information on the technology of Lumineers, we present the main advertising features of this technology to the traditional technology of ceramic veneers.