Lumineers indications for use

lumineers smile
You just want to improve your smile, make the teeth are larger and whiter.

Lumineers the best choice when diastema

Orthodontic treatment can give good results, but not every adult is ready a year or more to wear braces or other orthodontic structure. Lumineers is an ideal alternative in such cases. Diastema can be corrected in just 2 short visit to the dentist.
  • Stains on teeth
Spots on the teeth can be caused not only tooth decay. Quite a common cause - fluorosis, which develops during prolonged excessive entry into the body of fluoride and its compounds. When the enamel fluorosis appear white or yellow spots of erosion. Another common cause stains on your teeth, darkening of their significant - effects of tetracycline. Even the most advanced whitening system is not able to correct these problems. Lumineers - the perfect solution in this situation.
  • Old unsightly fillings
  • Lumineers quickly solve the problem

Even the most modern fillings and restorations made of composite materials over time, change color, becoming darker as absorbing pigments from coffee, red wine and berries. Smoking is also not the best way affects the composite restorations. Particularly ugly look darkened fillings on front teeth. Lumineers quickly and painlessly solve this problem, your smile is pure white for years.
  • Chips and cracks.

Lumineers durable and painless alternative

For more information on Lumineers you can get a preliminary consultation.