Lumineers have in common

Restoration of teeth Lumineers has much in common with the use of veneers. Between them there are serious differences. Restoration Lumineers technology, as well as veneers involves the removal of the cast from the teeth to be restoration, but unlike the veneers do not require peeling and pain. If necessary, Lumineers are removed.

Lumineers half as thin veneer

   In both cases, the molds are made thin porcelain shells, but Lumineers half as thin veneer, and the plate has a very high safety margin to withstand relatively high mechanical loads. Lumineers with a special tooth-connected, resistant to food acids, glue. Glue creates a secure grip with a lifetime of 20-25 years. Veneers are made of modern porcelain, allow to simulate the natural whiteness of teeth and a beautiful form. This is a hypoallergenic material, non-irritating, that does not stain food dyes.

Miracle today Lumineers technology

   High-quality, expensive material and a considerable cost of installing Lumineers is not absolute guarantee of success, if the restoration process will not be done constantly practicing professionals, fluent in technology, manufacturing and installation of Lumineers. In our clinic setting Lumineers conducted in a well-equipped modern dental laboratory professionals who have received certification.