Lumineers make teeth strong, white and beautiful

lumineers cerinate
   Lumineers - a kind of very thin ceramic veneers new generation that do not require grinding of the surface layer of tooth enamel. They released an American company Cerinate of his own pottery. The revolutionary and exclusive pottery company Cerinate - fine invention in dentistry, allowing to improve the appearance of your teeth, give them aesthetic form and porcelain white.

Lumineers are similar to the thickness of the ocular lens

   What is surprising is that the thickness of a solid ceramic plates Lumineers not exceed 0,2-0.3 mm, similar to the thickness of the ocular lens. Mounted on the front surface of the tooth, it almost does not change its size. This makes it possible to do without teeth preparation. The speaker on the bottom edge of the tooth by 1-1,5 mm plate aligns dentition. With the help of clinical trials found that a durable product that can serve up to 20 years.

Installing Lumineers do not required preparation of teeth

Their advantages are:
  • To install Lumineers do not require preparation of teeth.
  • Only two visits to the doctor to set Lumineers.
  • Painless procedure requiring no anesthesia.
  • There is no need for temporary structures.
   Their color does not change, unlike the seals and composite restorations.The indications for the use of Lumineers is the need to hide the defects of the existing dentition. They are appointed, if the patient has a wide gap between the teeth, old fillings and restorations, discoloration of enamel, three, diastema, the so-called fluorosis and tetracycline teeth, cracked and chipped teeth as well as their curvature.

Lumineers provide you with a dazzling smile of white teeth

When you install you will not feel neither pain nor of any discomfort, you will not drill your teeth and do cauterized.
    Installation technology LUMINEERS provides digital design and the ability to preview the intended result. In the first visit by a doctor makes a cast and picks up a shade, the next time you visit the dentist Examples of products for your records, check, or not suitable shade. After this painless LUMINEERS are attached to the teeth.