Lumineers it is veneers teeth without peeling

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Lumineers have only rave reviews

For restoration of teeth Lumineers require only two visits to the dentist. During his first visit to the dental casts are removed and the selected color Lumineers, during the second visit Lumineers are glued to the teeth. Installing do not require peeling, do not need the temporary restoration, there is no discomfort peeled teeth! Only two of the visit and you with new teeth!

Restoration of teeth with Lumineers

The very process of restoration of teeth , as already noted, requires two visits to the dentist. At the first reception removed casts of dentition, which are cast plaster models of jaws. The models are sent to the California dental laboratory "Cerinate Smile Design Studio», where from a patented ceramic material Cerinate Lumineers are made and then sent to the clinic. During the second visit, the Lumineers on the teeth are fixed high-strength adhesive.