Lumineers save our time and money

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Lumineers is a cosmetic solution

    The makers of Lumineers veeners also market them as a way to extend the life of existing porcelain dental crowns and bridgework which are no longer cosmetically pleasing. The idea is that ultra-thin Lumineers ® veneers can be bonded onto the front surface of porcelain restorations thus providing them with a renewed cosmetic appearance.
    Clearly only your dentist can make a determination about the appropriateness of this type of patchwork dentistry. Since the veneer covering will only provide a cosmetic change, the dentist must examine the dental work in question and determine that it is otherwise intact and clinically satisfactory. No doubt the original contours of the dental restoration were considered by the dentist who placed it to be ideal. The dentist performing the Lumineers patchwork must evaluate and determine if the added thickness of that will result in a restoration that is grossly over contoured.
In regards to resurfacing individual dental crowns, one might question the prudence of a "placing a restoration on a restoration" approach when probably for about the same cost and same number of visits the dental crown could simply be replaced. The advantage of the latter approach being that the restoration would remain just a single item created in the controlled environment of a dental laboratory as opposed to being patchwork assembled in the mouth.

Lumineers created to make our life easier

   It certainly seems that there could be situations where the option of resurfacing just one or a few teeth that are members of an extensive dental bridge might offer a solution that could salvage the appearance of the bridge at just a portion of the cost of replacing it. If this approach is considered, one must be sure to weigh the cost of patching the bridge with Lumineers ® veneers (and your dentist's expectation about the longevity of this repair) in comparison to the cost of replacing the bridge outright (and the expected lifespan of this new bridge)