Lumineers and patient selection

lumineers teeth

Lumineers are not so cheap today

Alright, so we can work around the prep and still use the less-expensive Lumineers, but if your not removing part of the tooth you have to worry about bulkiness, because if you're adding thickness to the front of your teeth (even-contact lens thickness) it could stick out too far and even create a lip at the top of your tooth by the gum line that can cause cleaning problems.
   This means you have to have the right circumstance (the product certainly isn't for everybody). "I am going to give you an example of where LUMINEERS would be the best," says Dr. Davis. "If your front two teeth happen to be tipped back, where the two teeth on either side are sticking out a little bit, so all you need to do is build up those teeth, that's a perfect place for the LUMINEERS concept."
    "I'm not saying it should never be done, and we have done them at times, but case selection is critical for success," says Dr. King. "There are just very few cases where you can get a nice, natural result, and again, that's generally on people who have teeth that need to be bulked out or made larger." . Smile and laugh with Lumineers.