Lumineers and new technology in dentistry.You are beautiful when everything is fine!

   You are a busy person and you saves time. But only two visits for removal of the cast and priklevaniya Lumineers to the dentist "President Clinique Stom" - and you are the owner of beautiful smile! Our dentistry clinic successfully implementing a new advanced technology and seamless installation of Lumineers. No patient will not remain indifferent to such a proposal, as for the installation of Lumineers do not require removal of sensitive tooth structure, and analgesia. Lumineers - this ultra-thin porcelain veneers, made a revolution in cosmetic dentistry! Without pain and discomfort because teeth do not stitch and glued them on top of a tooth Lumineers. For strength, they (Lumineers-ceramic veneers new generation of U.S. production) does not yield veneers are made of durable materials - ceramics, which can last you over 10 years! This revolutionary technology. The procedure for the patient completely painless, no anesthesia. The perfect smile with LUMINEERS!Indications:- Chips and cracks on the teeth, gaps between teeth;- Various spots on the teeth;- Unsightly old fillings;