Cases in which the applied Lumineers

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Lumineers can be used for

1. Tetracycline stains. This problem is changing the color and appearance of pigmentation occurs in many patients. It does not matter what causes it: time, coloring substances (red wine, coffee), or the use of tetracycline. Various shades and natural look of porcelain veneers correct color and sustain whiteness of teeth.
2. The erased teeth, standing in a row. When using Lumineers, darkened teeth are white and look healthy. Freshened appearance of bridges and crowns.
3. Updating previous restorations. Regardless of age, sometimes after a few years, crowns and bridges make the patient older than his years. They were not replaced with new ones and install porcelain veneers. They are easily fixed on the surface of bridges and crowns. Teeth do not grind down and drilled, they were not hurt.
4. Teeth in adolescents. If a patient has a beautiful smile, but wants to teeth looked even better, and preferably without pain, a qualified dentist, which sets Lumineers, make inspections and are happy to help, not applying enamel abrasion, drilling and injections.
5. Teeth in children. School-age children are usually shy smile when his front teeth chipped and damaged. In this case, Lumineers - a quick solution to enhance their self-esteem. They hide the chips and cracks.
6. Diastema (gap between the teeth). Many problems associated with the distance between the teeth and form are solved using Lumineers. Diastema, the small, uneven and crooked teeth, it is those cases that require immediate orthodontics.

Lumineers - a nice, safe, painless, long-lasting correction method cleaved tooth

7. Biased and crooked teeth. The most common problem. Some patients certainly believe that orthodontics, in this case - the only way out. It is not. Lumineers fix your teeth and relieve the patient from having to install brackets for two years.
8. Irregular in shape teeth. When the front teeth are large, and the side - young, the sick will not be able to have a beautiful smile. At the time, patients felt that the extensive orthodontics - the only way to fix your teeth. Today Lumineers are installed in 2 divided doses without drilling or shots, and the smile looks great.
9. Cracks and chips. If the patient has chopped off the front tooth, which can be seen, it is a serious obstacle in daily life. The procedure for tightening the teeth allows only a temporary fix them, that does not give confidence that beautiful teeth persist for long. The patient is always confident in the attractiveness of your smile. Lumineers work wonders in dentistry.
10. White teeth always. To get rid of spots and changing colors on the teeth, it takes a long time to bleach, clean them and visit the dentist. Now everything is easier. LUMINEERS eliminate stains and restores the color, and most importantly their dignity - their teeth will always be white.