Lumineers - it's no longer a dream but a reality

lumineers thin

Lumineers install no need for grinding of teeth.

   Lumineers - address all aesthetic problems, the eternal whiteness of teeth without grinding and bleaching in just two visit to the dentist Lumineers - this is the finest ceramic plates (average thickness of Lumineers - about 0.3 mm.) That are installed on your teeth, without preliminary preparation of the tooth. The idea of veneers without tooth preparation is owned by Den-Mat, cvoi sparing veneers company called Lumineers. This technology is well developed and tested for over 20 years.Saving enamel.

Lumineers get perfect smile

   Reversible process - because the tooth enamel remains intact, Lumineers can always be removed. No need to install temporary veneers or crowns. Excellent stats, longevity. With the revolutionary technology of Lumineers get perfect smile is now possible in just two visits to the dentist. During his first visit to the dentist makes an impression and pick the desired shade of your future ideal smile. During the second visit, the doctor will perform a fitting Lumineers, after which they will be painlessly attached to the teeth.

Putting Lumineers take only 2 visit to dentist